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what is post conviction habeas corpus relif
Losh Mountain Legal Services Post conviction relief habeas corpus west virginia


Legal services for incarcerated individuals seeking post-conviction habeas corpus relief in West Virginia

What is post-conviction relief?

Post conviction relief is available to incarcerated individuals after they have been convicted of a crime (whether through trial outcome or plea deal). After conviction, a direct appeal is filed with the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia and if the effort fails, habeas corpus relief may be available.

This sends the case back to the trial court that originally heard it and other errors are addressed that are not available to be addressed on direct appeal, including ineffective assistance of trial counsel and withholding of evidence by the prosecutor.

Success of an appeal or habeas corpus petition means obtaining a new trial, a sentence reduction, or in rare cases, an outright acquittal.

The entire process is long and strenuous, requiring dedication on behalf of the attorney and patience on behalf of the client.

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Procedures for post conviction relief contain complicated rules which cannot be effectively navigated without an attorney. Do-it-yourself attempts for this process can permanently damage your case.

losh mountain legal services habeas corpus petition west virginia

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Trusted Experience

Having practiced for more than a decade, Jason T. Gain is an attorney that holds a deep understanding of the law.  Results from his work on challenging post-conviction relief cases demonstrate his dedication to the client.

Notable Accomplishments

Mr. Gain has successfully won post conviction and sentencing reversals, sentence reductions, and reversals of parental rights terminations.

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