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Dees Freed - Habeas Win in West Virginia

Sexual assault conviction and 11 to 25 year sentence overturned due to false police testimony and ineffective assistance of counsel.  No retrial. 

Alabama native Lamont Dees is a free man after the State dismissed all charges against him with prejudice in Habeas win in West Virginia .  Dees had previously been convicted of two sexual assault counts in 2017.  After investigation by Jason T. Gain of Losh Mountain Legal Services, it was found that the investigating officer, former West Virginia State Police Sgt. Matthew Scott Adams, had provided materially false testimony related to cell phone evidence.  Adams testified that he found two SD cards in a cell phone with a single SD slot and provided information about a picture’s date that was inconsistent with the evidence.   The court also found that Dees suffered ineffective assistance of trial counsel. 

The circuit court vacated Dees’ conviction and he was freed.  In February 2024, the State declined to appeal or pursue a new trial.

Download and Read Order Granting Habeas

Order Granting Habeas Corpus Losh Mountain Legal Services Jason Gain West Virginia Habeas
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Amy Harris
Amy Harris
Mar 04

Great job!

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